Vizio 32” LED HD TV

How to Find the Power Button on Your Vizio TV

Oh no! Why on earth did they make the power button on this Vizio TV so incredibly difficult to locate?

You have just acquired a brand new Vizio TV and you can’t contain your excitement. You eagerly begin to explore all the various components of the television, eager to test out the power button. Alternatively, it’s possible that you’ve owned a Vizio TV for quite some time but have never bothered to find the power button until now, when you’ve misplaced the remote.

You initially think it will only take a few moments to locate the power button, but after ten long minutes of searching, even with the assistance of friends or family members, you’re still left fruitlessly scouring every nook and cranny of the TV.

Modern TVs have a tendency to hide their power buttons so well that you could easily overlook them, and unfortunately, the Vizio TV is no exception. We understand that your patience is running thin, so let’s cut to the chase!

How to Locate the Power Button on Your Vizio TV with Ease

To find the power button on your Vizio TV, you’ll need to look at the backside of the device. However, it’s not just located anywhere on the back, but rather positioned just below the HDMI and cable outlet. A single press of this button will turn the TV on or off. If the TV remains unresponsive to the power button, be sure to check that it is properly plugged in and that the outlet itself is functioning correctly.

The buttons on the back bezel are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the TV, making it easy to either overlook or mistake them for something else.

Locating Power button at the back of Smart TV
Power button at the back of Smart TV

To power on or off your Vizio TV, simply press and hold the centrally located power button for a minimum of three seconds.

In most Vizio televisions, the power buttons are situated on the back of the TV, typically in the bottom right or left corners. Alongside the power button, you will often find the volume, channel, and input buttons.

Vizio deliberately hides these buttons to maintain an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist design, as well as to encourage the use of alternative navigation methods within the TV’s menus. This approach is not unique to Vizio but is common among various smart TVs. However, it’s worth noting that these buttons can still be utilized for navigation purposes when necessary.

If you find yourself without a remote and are seeking alternative methods to power on your Vizio TV, you can explore using the Vizio SmartCast app available for iOS and Android. This app allows you to control and turn on your television remotely.